Abstention and The Book of Tea

on the travails of Drynuary

Between the Bars

On my last night there Big Brother Zeng, who was normally extremely chill, lost it at a customer.

Jack Pendarvis’s Moby-Dick

“He’s got so many frickin’ leftover harpoons in him, he looks like a pin cushion.”

E Soweto

Don't underestimate the Witching Hour

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‘May our worst days be like this’: an ode to rakı

The chaos waned after 2016, but the underlying tensions and toxic political atmosphere showed no signs of diminishing.

Drycember, but just half of it, because, please.

When you are around 49 and a woman the estrogen and progesterone remaining in your body are in a dance-off to the death.

I was spending the day getting supplies for my grocery store.

Errands in Kampala. Later, football and drinks.