Election Diary: To be Crazy

Caputo’s rant wasn’t a symptom of madness

Election Diary: All the Rage

Anger (as ugly as it can be) is our most instinctive response to injustice

Election Diary: You’re a Loser, Baby

Our standard for decency has come to embrace anyone willing to object to our calamitous glissade into a failed state.

The Votes of Others

notes on the fear of freedom

The Most Kiang Election in Taiwanese History

What did this all mean??????

The Dried Mango Strips of National Doom

The most kiang election in Taiwanese history.

Post-Apocalypse Election Blues

I'd find myself riding a bus with a friend's giant face on the side of it—a disconcerting feeling.

Days of Judgment

A public shaming and its aftermath

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Freedom has an asterisk the size of America.