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I want to own Jessica Lange’s sweatpants

It is unsatisfying but also deeply satisfying to have everything tied up neatly.

Me Today Primary category in which blog post is published

It felt sort of like we were staring out at the ghosts of history

Even if those ghosts were ourselves, from four years ago.

Jack Pendarvis Talks to Himself

It turned out… yes! It was a Chekhovian power pole.

Jack Pendarvis Talks to Himself

“A big rat jumped plop into the scum.” Is that a quotation from James Joyce?

Cinema snacks: Taipei edition

Most venues in Taiwan allow you to bring snacks from outside

The Movie Assassin

How The English Patient almost ruined my life.

She had chestnut curls and wore a necklace of skulls and an open-back tee that fit her like a loincloth.

She may have been a Free People model, but I was too emotionally downtrodden to deliver compliments.

I want to chill out on a starry reflected ocean side with bunch of glowing sea creatures but now I have to go to a bank

Chocolate paste and kinako on a piece of bread, that’s my dinner.

Black Cop, Black Power

If we forsook cop films for a century there would be nary a loss to civilization.