Are Libraries the Future of Media?

checking out the news at the Albany Public Library

Parade Rest

The final printed-on-paper edition of a magazine inserted into a newspaper

Mediaquake: Big Money Media is Older than You Think

a Q&A with Victor Pickard, University of Pennsylvania

Is the “journalism crisis” just a capitalism crisis?

A roundtable on addressing the structural breakdown of media

The Sun Won’t Set Again Until August

They’ve chosen to leave the road open, since it appears the bear is wandering away from town.

I watched the city flatten to a blue-grey triangle as I climbed

Many of southwest Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods exist at a 20-degree angles.

Under The Weather

It's getting harder and harder to tell weather stories that make any sense.

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Phone calls rolled through the afternoon and I answered them

I noted the time we got the phone call that Dad had died in a hospital room I wasn’t in.

Down with the daily crime story

Crime stories shouldn’t be the cops’ story.