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Jack Pendarvis Talks to Himself

Luminous mushrooms… phantoms!

Apartheid Censors

The thing with dealing with this sort of material is that if you point out how bizarre it is, it seems like you’re making light of it in some way.

Amazon’s Endangered Species: World Culture

A brave new world, ripe for the grabbing.

One of Y’all Can Write It Down

Teaching writing at Orleans Parish Prison

I committed a venial sin and checked my phone in church, only to see an email that stressed me out, which was obviously God telling me not to check my phone in church.

Eventually mom and I left (before church was over, there’s only so much we can take).

A House for Mr. Soyinka

If the estate's location deep in the bush inconvenienced his visitors, he clearly delighted in their discomfort.

The Book Is a Tesseract

The printed word is haunted and can allow us to travel through time.