Cosmopolitan Ciondo

The ciondo-selling women were the first women I encountered as business travelers.

Why Can’t Men Describe Women’s Hairstyles?

One day you just look at your beloved spouse of many years and realise, “This man has never once described a woman’s hairstyle to my satisfaction.”

Gold Dust Woman Card

Errands are a giant pain in the ass.

I Think I Lost It

Like, completely. Would this be so bad?

Me, My Body and I

My body, choiceless as it is, has always kept score.

ME TODAY Primary category in which blog post is published

Instinctively I feel self-conscious.

As though wearing colour was the mistake instead of just being a woman.

NYT Fact Check: Bret Stephens

Re: column on whether to believe Christine Blasey Ford

We talked at length about how heavy it is to be a woman.

Or you could choose from the beginning to never walk into this trap, to essentially walk into a relationship.

“Ni sawa, no problem,” I remember responding.

Even though now she has changed her location and fucked up my whole structure for the day.